San Marcos CISD featured Travis Elementary in their district wide newsletter for earning a Green Ribbon Schools Award for the second year in a row.

The schools recognized for their 2011-2012 leadership published at least four projects around green building, recycling, conservation, the outdoors, health, nutrition and fitness.  Travis Elementary School’s projects involved the Supernova Class, headed by teacher Sara Torres, and included:

  • Project 1: Eco-Campus-Environmentally Friendly: Students began a composting program to coincide with the school’s recycling program. Students wrote their own play and performed before the student body, educating what students could reuse from their lunch leftovers to help with replenishing the garden with nutrients. Everyday Supernova students left a bucket for students o put leftover apple cores, banana peels, and vegetables that were added to the compost bucket.
  • Project 2: Nature Adventure/Nature Spaces: Travis Elementary was fortunate to receive a Time Warner Cable STEM Award that enabled Supernova students to continue the afterschool garden club. They built raised beds, filled them with garden soil, and planted fruits and vegetables. The food that was grown was sold to classroom teachers so that they would cook the vegetables with their students.
  • Project 3: Health and Fitness: Nutrition announcements were started over the PA system. Every week Travis Principal Niki Konecki made a nutrition announcement which would educate students on healthy eating choices.
  • Project 4: Natural Classroom: Earth Friendly announcements were made. Every week, the Supernova Class members make announcements informing their peers how to better treat our environment and work towards sustainability.


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