April 2014 – KXAN News – Million Mile Month kicks off, gets Austinites Moving 

The start of April kicks off a new health initiative called the Million Mile Month. The goal is to get people in Austin to exercise a combined one million miles by the end of the month.

“We look at the issues we’re faced with in our community for incentive,” said Steve Amos, the Executive Director of non-profit organization Cyberwaves and Waterwaves. “Over a third of the kids are obese or overweight. Adults aren’t far behind. Sitting is the new smoking and most of us are killing ourselves by lack of activity.”

The event kicked off at City Hall Tuesday morning. Anyone interested in participating can register online at the Million Mile Month’s website, and clock in their contributions there. Walking, running, biking and even swimming can all add to the million mile mark.

“The Million Mile Month is designed for the entire community of Austin and Texas to come together through physical activity. People like to be a part of a big thing,” said Amos.

The initiative hopes to unite everyone in the community around physical activity and promote healthier habits.

“In a couple months, Austin will be home to the X-Games,” said Amos. “It’s only natural that we’re home to what anyone can do from skateboarding to walking to biking. That’s why austin is the home of the million mile month– it’s just the right place to be.”

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