2013 Healthivores Winners

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Wow, what a year! A great BIG thank you for everyone who participated in year two of the Healthivores Video Game competition. With 335 video game submissions from over 65 schools, the competition was tough this year. After weeks of scouring over game pages, and playing level after level of video games, our judges have made the decision on who reigns as the winners for each age category.  Each of these team members, along with their teacher and their school, will be receiving a brand new laptop compliments of our Healthivores sponsor, AMD Foundation.

Elementary WinnerLook Before You Eat! by Kyla, Reese, and Madyson Ft Sam Houston Elementary in

San Antonio, Texas

Middle School Winner

Fat and You by Ju Han and Cameron

Summit Christian Academy in

Cedar Park, Texas

High School Winner

Prosthetica by Abhilash Bajracharya and Joson Montgomery

North Hills Preparatory in

Irving, Texas

To see a full list of honoroable mentions, and other games submitted to this year’s contest, visit the 2013 winner page.

Mark your calendars! The 2013/2014 Healthivores Contest will be launching in October of 2014. The latest details on the contest can be found year round on the Healthivores page.

Healthivores – Exclusive Teacher Recruiting Contest – Win a Laptop!

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Calling all teachers. We are giving away a laptop to a teacher who recruits fellow teachers to participate in Healthivores Video Game Contest this year.

Here is how it works:

  1. Tell teachers from any school about the Healthivores Video Game Contest and let them know to get started right away (deadline is March 31st).
  2. Email us at will@4cw3.org and let us know the Full Name, Email Address and School Name for each of the teachers you referred.
  3. For every teacher that you refer, that has students publish a Healthivores Game pages before March 31st, your name will go into the drawing. So, if you recruit 10 teachers who publish a Healthivores project, your name goes in the pot 10 times. This is a great chance to mentor another teacher in your area!
  4. After March 31st, we will draw the winner’s name from a hat. The more recruits the better chance of winning.

Note: We will also have a special prize for the teacher with the most recruits (minimum of 4 recruits required to win this prize).

Time Saving Tip: Students can work on the game design tutorials and their games at home and over Spring Break, so 4 weeks is more than enough time if you start within the next week or two latest (Deadline is March 31).

Here is a recruiting email to pass onto your fellow teachers to help them get started:

Dear _____________,

This Spring my students are participating in the 2013 Healthivores Video Game Contest, and I thought you might be interested in having your students be involved too.  The Healthivores Video Game Contest, is a free contest available to any K-12 public or private school teacher that strives to teach health and fitness ideas through innovative video game design.  Green Ribbon Schools provides you with free lesson plans that focus in four areas: Fitness and NutritionMathScience, and Technology.  The lesson plans are super easy to follow, and you don’t have to have any game design experience to get the students started. Also if one of your student teams wins the contest, not only do the students win a laptop, but the teacher and the school does too. AWESOME!

The deadline to submit games is March 31, but the lesson plans allow you to complete the games in just 3-4 weeks, so you still have time to get started.

Here are the steps to get started

  1. Teacher registers on GRS and starts Healthivores Project
  2. Discuss health concepts with your students
  3. Have students view the Gamestar Mechanic tutorials that show them how to design games
  4. Students design health games and submit to teacher for approval

Become an Individual Fundraiser for the Amplify Austin Event

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Do you want to support Green Ribbon Schools and Healthivores, while helping Austin reach the goal of raising $1 Million in 24 hours for over 330 non-profits?  Become an INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISER for Cyberways and Waterways (the non-profit that brings you the GRS and Healthivores programs) during the Amplify Austin Event.  Sign up to have your very own fundraising page, set your own fundraising goal, and spread the word to friends and family.

As an added bonus, once we reach 30 donors during that 24 hours period, Cyberways and Waterways will qualify for a portion of the $100,000 that University Federal Credit Union has donated to Amplify Austin. So your donation goes even further.

Why should you help?

Today’s children are the first generation in two centuries facing a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This shortened life span stems from poor physical and mental health and education deficiencies. Cyberways and Waterways develops programs that make learning and taking action around personal health, sustainability and STEM subjects fun for children, so we can reverse this alarming trend.

As you know, the Green Ribbon Schools and Healthivores programs are FREE to any K-12 private or public school.   Currently we have 90+ schools participating in Austin and close to 800 nationwide. We want to make sure we can keep the program free as we grow, and this is a great opportunity for you to help assure that we can.

Here is what you do…

Step 1

Visit amplifyatx.com

Step 2

About half way down the page you will see a grey box labeled “Individual Fundraiser Sign-Up”

Choose “Cyberways and Waterways” from the drop down menu, then click “Create Your Page”

Read more

Briargrove Elementary Welcomes GRS

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Last week Steve Amos, Executive Director of Cyberways and Waterways and Green Ribbon Schools, had the chance to visit one of our Green Ribbon Schools, Briargrove Elementary, in Houston, Texas.

Steve spent the afternoon discussing the features of the Green Ribbon Schools program with the Briargrove Elementary staff.  Green Ribbon Schools’ 3 R approach was a main talking point in the discussion, as our website gives teachers the ability to Reach, Recognize, and Reinforce, which truly alters behaviors.

The goals of the 3 R’s are…

    • Reach and involve kids with engaging STEM tools and programs
    • Recognize student achievement
    • Reinforce actions through individual and community support

The Healthivores Video Game contest is just one of the avenues on the GRS website that allows you to fulfill all 3 R’s and change behaviors.  It was fantastic for Steve to have the chance to discuss the benefits of this program with the teachers of the 3rd grade Science classes at Briargrove Elementary.  With the contest being open to K-12 students, we love to hear feedback from teachers of all grades on how students are continually challenging themselves with this contest.

The deadline to submit games for the Healthivores Contest is March 31, 2013, but our lesson plans allow teachers to complete the program in 3-4 weeks or less, so you still have time.  View all the details on the GRS Healthivores Page.

Everyone is Excited for Healthivores Contest

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We are well underway with the 2013 Healthivores Video Game Contest, and the GRS team are not the only ones bursting with excitement.  Everyday there are more and more teachers and students getting involved with the contest.  With laptop computers up for grabs for teachers and students, everyone is putting their best foot forward.

We have had such amazing support from our partners and media.  Check out some of these great articles.