Fuentes Elementary Named TX Green Ribbon School

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Hays Free Press – Oct 19, 2012 – “Leading the way in the Hays Consolidated ISD move to environmentally sound practices, Susie T. Fuentes Elementary School received the Texas Green Ribbon School Award this fall. About the award, Stars Principal Regina Butcher said, “I am so proud of our students, our teachers, our staff members and all of our families. This was definitely a dream of mine when I came to Fuentes and we have only just begun the journey!”

Butcher came to the campus just over a year ago following a stint as Assistant Principal at Negley Elementary. She quickly shared her zeal for things environmental and that enthusiasm naturally dovetailed with the portion of Hays CISD’s 5-year strategic plan that addresses conservation. Strategy 6 in the plan says, “We will infuse instruction with environmental stewardship and integrate sound environmental practices into facility design, constriction, and operation.” That charge is increasingly prioritized in the district and Fuentes Elementary is one of the most visibly and demonstrably committed sites in the district.

According to the awards website, the Green Ribbon School Award, went to only 16
elementary schools in Texas, recognizing “schools participating in activities that promote and encourage a healthy environment.”

The recognized activities must fall under the award’s “Four Cornerstones,” those areas including Eco-Campus, Health and Fitness, Nature Adventure and Natural Classrooms. The seven-member “Fuentes Green Team” of Butcher, librarian Alma Medina, and teachers Kris Brown, Karee Bursiel, Kelsey Haltermann, Candace Robertson and Jayme Salinas oversee the ongoing efforts to touch each of those areas.

During the 2010-2011 school year those campus efforts included lessons on what they could do about overconsumption, what landfills are, and activities titled Waste Free Wednesdays, Green Hour, Schoolyard Scavenger Hunt, and teacher, staff and student health and fitness challenges in Fitness Stars. The Stars’ Natural Classroom included field investigation with a tree journal and “forest for learning” as well as nature electives titled “Be a Rockhound” and “Caterpillar Finger Play.”

Butcher and her fellow Fuentes Green Team members said their participation in the Green Ribbon Schools program allows “health, education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills, technology and ‘being green’ to combine to propel an entire school towards a happier, healthier and smarter future.”

The outward signs of this green wave at Fuentes aren’t hard to spot. The school’s Star mascot is now portrayed in the campus logo as a blue and green, star-shaped earth, with a sprig of greenery growing around its girth. Not too coincidentally, the Hays CISD slogan, “A Place Where Ideas Grow,” also sports a budding green leaf. By design, receipt of the Texas Green Ribbon School Award recognizes that Stars at Fuentes are being brought into the 21st century fully cognizant of the growing needs of the planet.”

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Austin American Statesman – “Elementary School Recognized for Green Projects”

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The Austin American Statesman recognized Travis Elementary School in San Marcos for being a two time Green Ribbon Schools Award Winner.

The school was recognized for school projects by its Supernova Class, including a composting program, an after-school garden club and announcements featuring nutrition and sustainability tips.

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Travis Named Green Ribbon Award Winner 2nd Year

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San Marcos CISD featured Travis Elementary in their district wide newsletter for earning a Green Ribbon Schools Award for the second year in a row.

The schools recognized for their 2011-2012 leadership published at least four projects around green building, recycling, conservation, the outdoors, health, nutrition and fitness.  Travis Elementary School’s projects involved the Supernova Class, headed by teacher Sara Torres, and included:

  • Project 1: Eco-Campus-Environmentally Friendly: Students began a composting program to coincide with the school’s recycling program. Students wrote their own play and performed before the student body, educating what students could reuse from their lunch leftovers to help with replenishing the garden with nutrients. Everyday Supernova students left a bucket for students o put leftover apple cores, banana peels, and vegetables that were added to the compost bucket.
  • Project 2: Nature Adventure/Nature Spaces: Travis Elementary was fortunate to receive a Time Warner Cable STEM Award that enabled Supernova students to continue the afterschool garden club. They built raised beds, filled them with garden soil, and planted fruits and vegetables. The food that was grown was sold to classroom teachers so that they would cook the vegetables with their students.
  • Project 3: Health and Fitness: Nutrition announcements were started over the PA system. Every week Travis Principal Niki Konecki made a nutrition announcement which would educate students on healthy eating choices.
  • Project 4: Natural Classroom: Earth Friendly announcements were made. Every week, the Supernova Class members make announcements informing their peers how to better treat our environment and work towards sustainability.


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Ultimate Katy – Williams Elementary recognized as Green Ribbon School

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Ultimate Katy  recognizes James Williams Elementary School for being selected as a National Green Ribbon Award School for 2011-2012. James Williams Elementary was one of 63 schools in 13 states to be recognized by participating in the four projects related to green building: recycling, conservation, the outdoors, health, and nutrition and fitness.

The projects that James Williams Elementary Schools completed to earn their GRS Award included Wrangler Recycling Roundup, F.I.S.H. Club, Read, Deed and Run, and Worms and Dirt.

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