CONGRATULATIONS to our 2013-2014 Green Ribbon Schools Award Winners

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CONGRATULATIONS to our 2013-2014 GRS Award Winners.

These schools completed at least one activity in each of the four Green Ribbon Schools Cornerstones during the 2013-2014 school year. You can earn a GRS Award for your school each year but sharing with the GRS community the activities you are doing in your classrooms.  Find all the details here.

Arthur Kramer Elementary
Ascension Catholic School
Austin Discovery School
Carpenter Hill Elementary
Highland Park Elementary
Horseshoe Trails Elementary School
James E Williams Elementary
Live Oak Academy
Magellan International School
Meiners Oaks Elementary
Moss Elementary
Negley Elementary
Northstar School
Prairie Crossing Charter School
Rainbow Mountain Children’s School
Redeemer Lutheran School
Roanoke Elementary
Schuylerville Central School District
Simon Middle School
St. Helen Catholic School
St. Paul Inter Parochial School
Temple EmanuEL
Travis Elementary
Willis Lane Elementary
Wyatt Elementary

Green efforts bring top honors to Travis Elementary in San Marcos

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American-Statesman – By Wesley Gardner – Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013

Last year’s third-graders at Travis Elementary School took on the difficult job of rounding up everyone’s recycling on campus, going from classroom to classroom educating their peers about the different waste bins for trash and recycling and where certain materials belong.

Logan Rounds, now a fourth-grader at Travis Elementary, put the message a little more simply.

“Don’t litter; throw away your trash; and always recycle,” said Rounds, who was part of the pick-up crew that scoured the elementary’s hallways and classrooms for trash last year. “We all have to help each other to take care of the community.”

Such efforts made the school a little nicer — and brought it some national recognition.

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Green Ribbon Schools Award Recipients

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2012-2013 was an outstanding school year for the Cyberways and Waterways’ programs Green Ribbon Schools and Healthivores.  The staff, parents and students went above and beyond last year by sharing their programs by using not only words, but also photos and videos.  You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

This year we are awarding 41 schools, in 10 states and Guam, Green Ribbon Schools Award status! A few of our favorite projects include:

  • Rainbow Mountain Children’s School in Asheville, NC, created a stunning playground made entirely from recycled wood, that mimics a village in the woods. (Cyndi Calhoun, teacher)
  • Highland Park Elementary in Austin, TX, collected jack-o-lantern pumpkins to compost from the Austin community after the Halloween holiday. (Alyssa Absher, teacher)
  • Oppe Elementary in Galveston, TX, traveled to Austin in March, testified before the House of Representatives, and go a bill unanimously passed to make the Kemp Ridley sea turtle the official sea turtle of Texas.  Endorsed by local Rep. Craig Eiland, the students learned about nature and how a bill was passed. (Kathryn Pistone, teacher)
  • Schuylerville School District in Schuylerville, NY, hosted an electronics recycling drive to keep harmful electronics out of landfills.  They collected 25,500 lbs of electronics in four hours. (Deborah McGloine, teacher)
  • Ascension Catholic School in Melbourne, FL, organized a Trash Bash for students, teachers and the community to come together and pick up trash within a mile radius of the school campus.  (Mary Connors, teacher)

Here is a full list of all 41 schools who earned an award this year:

  • Arthur Kramer Elementary
  • Ascension Catholic School
  • Brown Street Academy
  • Camino Real Elementary School
  • Carpenter Hill Elementary
  • CDR William C. McCool
  • Chandler Oaks Elementary
  • Eisenhower High School
  • Ennis Junior High
  • Feagin Mill Middle School
  • Highland Park Elementary
  • James E Williams Elementary
  • Live Oak Academy
  • Magellan International School
  • Meiner Oaks Elementary
  • Negley Elementary
  • Northstar School
  • Oppe Elementary
  • Park Glen Elementary
  • Pathways Community School
  • Pine View School
  • RC Barton Middle School
  • Rainbow Mtn Children’s School
  • Red Oak High School
  • Rosalio Tobias International School
  • Saratoga Independent School
  • Schuylerville Central School District
  • Simon Middle School
  • Southwest Middle School
  • St Helen Catholic School
  • St Paul Inter Parochial School
  • Susie Fuentes Elementary
  • Temple EmanuEl
  • The Green Magnet School for Career Exploration
  • Thurston Woods Elementary
  • Travis Elementary
  • Wallace Middle School
  • Wilkinson Elementary School
  • Willis Lane Elementary
  • Wyatt Elementary
  • Zelma Hutsell Elementary

Cyberways and Waterways is thankful to our sponsors including HEB, Rackspace, AMD Foundation, the Brown Foundation, Google, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas for their endless support of our programs.

For information on how to earn an award for the 2013-2014 school year, visit the How To Earn An Award page on the Green Ribbon Schools website.

Some great ways to earn a 2013-2014 Green Ribbon Schools Award for your school is to participate in the Million Mile Month Challenge during the month of April, Healthivore Video Game Contest with a deadline to submit games of March 31, and the Green Print Challenge

How To: Inserting an Image or Video into a Results Page

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As you may know, the requirements to earn a Green Ribbon Schools Award for the 2012-2013 school year were updated at the beginning of this school year.  To see a full list of requirements you can visit this page.

Today we are going to touch on one of the updates to the requirement list, which is the need to include a minimum of one image or video in your results page.  Below is a step by step guide on how to upload and insert images and videos.


When you first “start a new project” you will have the option of using a default thumbnail image or uploading your own image.  We would love for you to upload your own thumbnail image, which gives a good snapshot of your project, although, that image does not fulfill the “image or video” requirement for your GRS award.

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Project Green K-5th grade winner

Posted on by CW Blog in Green Ribbon Schools, GRS News & Media | Leave a comment May 1, 2013 –  “Catherine Southwick from Arthur Kramer Elementary in Dallas has been inspiring her students to be more environmentally aware, which has made the students more conscious of their actions and their effects on the environment.

She has noticed such a positive change in her students as they develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.”

“Among many green initiatives that have been put into place at Arthur Kramer Elementary, Southwick oversees the gardens at the school. This activity has encouraged environmental awareness among students as well as responsibility.”

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