Last week Steve Amos, Executive Director of Cyberways and Waterways and Green Ribbon Schools, had the chance to visit one of our Green Ribbon Schools, Briargrove Elementary, in Houston, Texas.

Steve spent the afternoon discussing the features of the Green Ribbon Schools program with the Briargrove Elementary staff.  Green Ribbon Schools’ 3 R approach was a main talking point in the discussion, as our website gives teachers the ability to Reach, Recognize, and Reinforce, which truly alters behaviors.

The goals of the 3 R’s are…

    • Reach and involve kids with engaging STEM tools and programs
    • Recognize student achievement
    • Reinforce actions through individual and community support

The Healthivores Video Game contest is just one of the avenues on the GRS website that allows you to fulfill all 3 R’s and change behaviors.  It was fantastic for Steve to have the chance to discuss the benefits of this program with the teachers of the 3rd grade Science classes at Briargrove Elementary.  With the contest being open to K-12 students, we love to hear feedback from teachers of all grades on how students are continually challenging themselves with this contest.

The deadline to submit games for the Healthivores Contest is March 31, 2013, but our lesson plans allow teachers to complete the program in 3-4 weeks or less, so you still have time.  View all the details on the GRS Healthivores Page.

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