Million Mile Month News!

During the 1st annual Million Mile Month event, we had over 7,500 participants burn 32.5M calories, log 4M minutes of activity and log nearly 400,000 miles, and all that happened in just one month! We couldn’t have had this amazing success without the support of our sponsors and partners, especially Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and The Houston Astros.

They hosted a wonderful Houston kick-off event with Orbit from The Houston Astros, The Houston Mayor and Preston Johnson Jr., President of Blue Cross Blue Shied of Texas Houston and Southeast Region.

They provided amazing support through-out the month by including us in newsletters, social media mentions, and even featured us on the Astros Jumbotron during games.

And when the month came to a close, they invited all of our MMM participants to a celebration event, and provided a discount code to the game.  Best of all, they provided one lucky winner with an awesome VIP game experience!

A great big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and participants for making MMM 2014 a raging success!

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