March 4th at 7pm – March 5th at 7 pm

24 Hours to Crank Up The Giving

Cyberways and Waterways, the non-profit which developed both Green Ribbon Schools and Healthivores, is excited to help Austin make history by taking part in Amplify Austin, a day of online philanthropy with the goal of raising $1 million in 24 hours. 




Beginning at 7pm on March 4th, 2013 hop on, and show the rest of the world just how charitable we all can be.

Everyone who donates on or by visiting and choosing Cyberways and Waterways from the list of 330 non-profits participating in Amplify Austin, will receive an online musical thank you. To crank up the fun, random Austin based donors have the chance to win an in-person performance from beloved Austin musicians. How fun is that?!?

PLUS once we reach 30 donors during that 24 hours period, Cyberways and Waterways will qualify for a portion of the $100,000 that University Federal Credit Union has donated to Amplify Austin. So your donation goes even further.


Today’s children are the first generation in two centuries facing a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This shortened life span stems from poor physical and mental health and education deficiencies. Cyberways and Waterways develops programs that make learning and taking action around personal health, sustainability and STEM subjects fun for children, so we can reverse this alarming trend.

As you know, the Green Ribbon Schools and Healthivores programs are FREE to any K-12 private or public school.   Currently we have 90+ schools participating in Austin and close to 800 nationwide. We want to make sure we can keep the program free as we grow, and this is a great opportunity for you to help assure that we can.

Oh! We would love for you to pass this message along to 5 of your friends, because if we can all give just a little, we can make a BIG difference in making the next generation happier and healthier!

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