Since 1999, Cyberways and Waterways has been dedicated to positively impacting kids, families, communities and our planet.

In 2009, Cyberways and Waterways (CW) became a 501c3 with a focus on developing STEM, health and sustainability programs that use innovative techniques to get kids and their families to think and take action.

CW was established as a 501c3 in 2009 with the goal of providing engaging programs and projects for school districts, teachers, kids and families that increase 21st century STEM skills, improve health and wellness, and establish a culture of environmental stewardship and conservation. Through CW’s programs, schools can address the issues of childhood obesity and nature deficit disorder, reduce costs through conservation and sustainability efforts, and make STEM more engaging. The result is healthier, happier, smarter students.

CW’s first program, Green Ribbon Schools (GRS), was launched in the spring of 2010 to encourage and recognize environmental and nature based projects within schools across the US, and currently has more than 800 schools registered across 40 states. GRS has proven to be a program that is replicable and scalable to all schools, regardless of their resources or geographic location. In 2011, CW developed the Healthivores program to address the critical issues of childhood obesity and a significant lack of STEM skills and interests within today’s youth. In its very first year, the Healthivores program had over 45 schools and nearly 800 students participate in the first Healthivores Video Game Contest. In April 2014, CW held its first Million Mile Month event, with great success. Million Mile Month is an innovative annual challenge to get people completing one million miles of physical activity together, in one month, as one collective community. Check it out at

Our Mission

To empower kids to take actions that positively impact their health, education and the environment. We will accomplish this mission by developing innovative programs and events that engage kids and their families in thinking and action around personal health, environmental health and STEM education.